New Beginnings is a licensed facility committed to meeting the community’s need for quality childcare and early education. Through mutual respect, trust and support, we have an environment where the partnerships between teachers and families is acknowledged, supported and everyone feels welcome.


New Beginnings Preschool Programs are designed to engage your child in social interaction and prepare them for a successful kindergarten year. Through play-based programming, children are given the opportunity to express themselves creatively in a curriculum that is modified to each individual child and classroom alike. This assists them to reach their full potential and have fun while doing it. Emerging literacy skills are developed through letters, word games and books to help children become aware of language in the written form. With teachers as facilitators, children are encouraged to learn from each other as they explore new situations through developmentally appropriate materials and activities (both child initiated and teacher directed). We at New Beginnings understand that learning respect for self and others through skills such as cooperation, communication and independence, will help children to feel successful, preparing them for the challenges of school with enthusiasm

Block and Building Center
Imaginary Play
Math and Science
Sensory Centers
Music and Art
Circle time
Puppet Theatre
Outdoor Play

September through June

3 / 4 Year Old Class: Tues/Thurs: 8:30 am to 11:30 am
Monthly Cost: $150.00
Space: 19 children per class

4 Year Old Classes: Mon/Wed/Fri: 8:30 am to 11:30 am
Monthly Cost: $225.00
Space: 19 children per class

If you require daycare and preschool on the same day, they are two separate programs. Full daycare fees must be paid and preschool fees will be discounted to:

Tues/Thurs: 8:30 am to 11:30 am    $100.00/month
Mon/Wed/Fri: 8:30 am to 11:30 am    $150.00/month

Please note: We have limited spaces in the preschool for daycare children.

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Our Daycare Program offers a variety of learning centers that allow children to engage, explore, discover and plan their play. Our teachers bring an important combination of personality, experience and education to our center. Activities are planned to be age appropriate and are well thought out to enhance curiosity, creativity, and total development. As well as promoting healthy food choices, our structured day includes free play, art, circle time, outdoor play and nap time.

30 Months to 3 Years of Age


·         Full time daycare       $910.00/month       ($60.00 DISCOUNT FOR 2ND CHILD)
·         4 days per week        $765.00
·         3 days per week        $640.00
·         2 days per week        $465.00
·         1 day per week          $56.00/per day

3 to 5 Years of Age

Group Daycare: 20 Spaces


·         Full time daycare       $810.00/month       ($60.00 DISCOUNT FOR 2ND CHILD)
·         4 days per week        $690.00
·         3 days per week        $565.00
·         2 days per week        $395.00
·         1 day per week          $50.00/per day

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 after-school care

After-School Care

Our After-School Care Program provides transportation from Davidson Road Elementary and Peter Greer Elementary to our center. It is a year round program that offers special event days during holiday break times and focuses on teamwork to foster lasting friendships. The large art room provides opportunity for the children to be creative and express their ideas through individual and group initiated projects. The playground is a perfect area to play games, sports and enjoy outdoor fun.

5 to 12 Years Old

Kindergarten And After-School Care: 12 Spaces (Includes Transportation)


·         Full time                   $325.00
·         4 days per week       $255.00
·         3 days per week       $200.00
·         2 days per week       $150.00

Full Days  (Professional Days and School Closures)   $45.00 per day
Full time Monthly Summer Rates                                 $810.00/month

We do not have half day rates.




Good afternoon,

My daughter absolutely loves her preschool! Everyday she goes she has an awesome day!
She looks forward to every Tuesday and Thursday and is eager for the next week so she can go again. The creativity flows out of her with every craft that Teacher Donna has in store for them. New Beginnings is nothing short of FANTASTIC!

Thank you,
Cherie Britton

I am very grateful to have found Teacher Donna and New Beginnings for my son. Teacher Donna creates a very comfortable and loving environment for children’s introduction to a class setting. I believe my son’s first time away from me would not have been as successful anywhere else. The school is full of activities and it has been a wonderful place where he can grow, explore and learn. The staff at New Beginnings are knowledgeable and caring educators who guide and nurture the children throughout their time together.

Marnie Laing
Kelowna, BC

My family has been accessing new beginnings for over 5 years now. Both of my girls attended daycare starting at age 2, then preschool and the after school program. I wouldn’t have my children anywhere else. My girls feel like it’s their second home, the structure and learning environment has helped my girls develop. It truly prepared them for kindergarten.

Amy Paxman

Serving Lake Country Since 2002

*Prices subject to change*